Price Transparency Infographic

price-transparency-infographic (1)Price Transparency Infographic


Source: Truven Health -

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SaveOnMedical Selected as Finalist in Bright House Regional Business Awards

Tampa-based start-up Save On Medical has been selected as one of the top five finalists in Bright House Networks Regional Business Awards, competing for $1MM in commercial TV production, commercial air time, and cash prizes. 

Tampa, FL – 12/22/14: Save On Medical is pleased to announce that their Tampa-based health care start-up has been selected as one of the top five finalists in the Start-up Category for the Bright House Networks Regional Business Awards.Bright House Networks Regional Business Awards

Save On Medical will present their company, which is an online marketplace using price transparency to help patients shop for medical procedures – similar to Expedia, to a panel of judges in a Pitch 6 event. The panel will include a group of angel investors and the pitch will be filmed in front of a live, studio audience and hosted by Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington.

The event will be held at the Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) in Tampa from 5:00 PM until 8:00 PM on Tuesday, January 27th, 2015.

During the event, audience members will be polled to vote for their favorite start-up during the Pitch 6. Tickets will be available to be purchased from the FloridaNEXT Foundation. Tickets will include two complimentary drinks, appetizers and free parking for the event.

Save On Medical would like to thank Bright House Networks and FloridaNEXT for this amazing honor and invites the Tampa Community to come out to the Pitch 6 event to support health care innovation in Tampa Bay.

The winner of the Bright House Networks Regional Business Awards start-up category will be announced at the Regional Business Awards Gala at the Tampa Convention Center on February 5, 2015



About Save On Medical

Save On Medical is an online marketplace for medical procedures that uses price transparency to help patients make informed care decisions based on cost, quality or convenience —similar to the way Expedia does for travel. Providers are then able to advertise their pricing, collect up-front payment and fluctuate prices based upon demand.

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Twas the Night Before Black Friday

BLACK FRIDAY healthcare deals

Twas the night before Black Friday and all through the mall

People clamored over deals, no matter how small.

Their tents outside Target were all pitched with care

In hopes to find deals on tvs, games and chairs.


Parents camped out all night and even missed dinner

Just to get 75% off of a brand new color printer.

While some parents sat in lines just to get in Toys-R-Us,

Others sat at home confused by the fuss.


The parents at home, all snug on the couch

Knew there was no reason to be such a grouch.

“Why could this be?” The deal shoppers wondered.

Because THEY know with SaveOn they could save hundreds.


While others spent too much on healthcare this year,

These parents knew better so they’re in the clear.

Shopping is no problem when you’ve saved a bunch

So there’s no reason to deal with the Black Friday crunch.


With us you can save thousands on your healthcare

Because we show you prices that are always fair.

We give you deals all year, not just one day in November

All you have to do is become a SaveOn member.


Don’t wait too long! Discount deals can’t wait!

If you’re not up early you’ll miss the great rates!

We laugh at the headlines; here, deals aren’t just for a day

“Black Friday is for sissies,” that’s what we say.


So, forget the long lines and door buster deals

Our prices all year will make you go head over heels.

You deserve to know costs before your medical bill drops

And that’s why Save On Medical exists, to help you price shop.

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How to Save On Medical Bills

In a recent study, CIGNA reported that cost is the #1 reason why people don’t go to the doctor or take care of their medical needs. In fact, 42% of those surveyed said they worried that they wouldn’t be able to pay for their kid’s college tuition because of high health care costs.

We’ve heard that if you don’t go to college, you won’t get a high paying job and if you don’t get a high paying job you’ll be forced to steal toys from the toy store for your children and if you steal toys from the toy store you’ll get tazed by a security officer and if you get tazed by a security office you’ll have a permanent tick where your left eye winks and if you have a tick where you left eye winks then truckers will think you’re hitting on them. Don’t let truckers think you’re hitting on them. So, Little Bobby needs to go to college. We at SaveOnMedical want to help you save on medical expenses so you have room in your budget for the things you need.


How does one save on medical bills then when one finds out they need an expensive medical procedure?


Step 1: Ask your doctor if he or she knows of any care providers who offer discounts if you pay out-of-pocket up-front.

Step 2: Find out how much you’d be responsible for paying if you filed through your insurance.

Step 3: Find out the self-pay rate for the procedure and compare that to the price you’d pay with insurance. (Fun fact: this capability will be available to patients using SaveOnMedical in 2015!)

Step 4: Be sure to compare costs at private practices (non-hospital owned) versus providers with ties to a hospital system.

Step 5: Don’t be afraid to ask questions about additional fees ahead of time so you’ll be aware of the full cost up front.

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The Evolution of Health Care Consumers

The term “health care consumer” didn’t even exist 5 years ago, but with societal changes, health care policy changes and increased medical costs… consumerism has become necessary for many patients.  Now there’s a number of challenges with this concept but the most apparent one is the issue of discerning quality in relation to care.  Most people are aware of the pricing disparities for procedures and services across their communities.  Steven Brill’s “Bitter Pill” article in Time Magazine sparked awareness of price transparency and price gaps last year, leading a plethora of other reporters to focus on the subject. The question still remains though, “How are health care consumers to know which options are best for them?”

We aim to give patients information that will help them select care providers based on what is important to them, whether that be cost, quality or convenience. In order for us to be successful at this however, we first had to understand the evolution of the “patient consumer.” Vitals posted this fantastic infographic on their blog earlier this week, which does a great job exploring the kinds of patients that are out there, how they take care of themselves, how they find their doctors, how they handle medical bills and even their most common health habits!


Infographic From: Vitals Blog – Evolution of the Health Care Consumer

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