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Save On Medical is an online marketplace for medical procedures that uses price transparency to help patients make informed decisions based on cost, quality or convenience- like Expedia does for travel.

We are changing the way patients shop for health care, giving them the power to be consumers in their health care process to save them money while also helping medical providers reach more patients and collect payments online.

As the master-minds behind Save On Medical, we created this website for you because, of the 158 Million employer paid recipients of healthcare, two thirds pay for some portion out of their pockets. We hear your cries for cheap MRI, low cost mammograms and cheap CT scans.

We want to provide patients with the opportunity to shop for prices and purchase medical services online, while seeing what the average cost is for comparable services in their area. Why? Because over 30 Million legal citizens are uninsured and need to shop for health care like they shop for cars. Also, for those that are insured, health insurance does not pay for all health costs, no matter if it is a cheap MRI or not. 22.6% of healthcare is paid for out of pocket and the average family ends up paying approximately $4,800 each year. So, we have provided you with the solution, to Save On Medical.

Meet the Team

Matt Schneider

Co-Founder and CEO
Matt has been in the health care marketing business since 2001 where he began working at the outpatient facility level. He has since perfected the practice of developing health care marketing and advertising plans and an unrivaled practice-to-practice sales force spanning over 50 markets. Focused on developing effective profit strategies for providers, executed by efficient, credible sales teams he built with clinical, technical expertise; Matt understands the marketing needs of practices in every stage of development. He realized though, that all providers needed a better way to attract captive patients and ensure payment. When he realized that a transparency tool geared towards patients, but built to also benefit providers could be achieved, Save On Medical was born.

Chris Christenberry

Chris has had over twenty-five years of experience leading, managing and building medical clinics, medical billing and management companies worldwide. His experiences in these various health care markets led Chris to realize that health care pricing was in desperate need of transparency. He also had to take into account that not all care is equal, so a level of quality transparency was needed too.   He realized that patients without insurance or in high deductible health plans needed a tool that could give them a better understanding of health care costs, where they could easily shop for care where transparency allowed for a better patient-consumer process. A serial entrepreneur, Chris’ unique understanding of patient need and the clinical side of health care led him to the creation of Save On Medical.

Sara McFarland

Communications & Public Relations
Since the conception of Save On Medical in 2011, Sara has been handling all Save On Medical media relations, company branding and communications efforts. She works directly with media outlets and contacts to spread the word about what Save On Medical is doing to improve health care transparency for patients.  Serving as the voice of the Save On Medical blog and social media sites, Sara has also been a featured guest writer for a number of health care trade publications discussing affordable health care, price shopping for care, health care marketing and price transparency. Her contributions can be viewed in publications such as; Imaging Economics, Health Imaging and RedBook Magazine’s Featured Blog Mommy Delicious. You can connect with her directly through Twitter @SaveOnMedical or via email [email protected] to discuss Save On Medical’s mission towards price and quality transparency in health care and helping patients to become more educated consumers of their own health care.

Eugene Revzin

VP Product Management

Prior to joining Save On Medical, Eugene was a founder of Maven Web Solutions, a Chicago-based digital media firm. Eugene led the organization’s growth from a small web design firm to a full service provider of strategic consulting, development of web-based enterprise solutions, branding, and marketing. Clients ranged from technology start-ups to global brands.  Eugene graduated with a double major in Management and International Business from Indiana University.

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