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A long over due concept in radiology, and health care in general. As consumers, we will drive 10 extra blocks to save $0.05 on a gallon of gas, or stand in line on Thanksgiving night to get the best deal on a TV, but blindly walk into any hospital or clinic and obligingly overpay for services affecting our most precious commodity - our health.

Scott Seberg, ONRAD
Los Angeles Times
NBC Nightly News
Tampa Bay Times
CBS News
The Boston Globe

There is a big demand for pricing transparency and affordable healthcare services in Alabama with almost 50 million uninsured Americans, and knowing where to price shop for medical services can help cut your healthcare costs in half. Save On Medical helps you search for the most affordable medical procedures in Alabama by location, price, and quality score all online, which saves you money and time. Save On Medical also makes comparing healthcare facilities and doctors easier with online ratings, and real time communication allows you to get in touch with the facility quickly to schedule online doctor appointments and share information on the go. Save On Medical helps you save on health care costs and allows you to pay online for your medical procedure with your credit card or Paypal account, making sure that you get the best price and service possible.

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