Answers for Providers

What if I don’t have the lowest priced service?

Patients will learn that price isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to their care. Thanks to the Docometer Grading Scale, patients will see that your services are worth a higher value.

What’s the benefit of Save On Medical to my practice?

Improved patient volume, practice revenue, saved advertising and listing expenses, insight into and access to a rising patient population, true analytics of your profile’s success, less time wasted chasing down self-pay payments and a concise, manageable self-pay process.

How do I sign up?

It's very easy. Our contracting department with reach out to you once you request to List Your Practice. You'll come up with cash pay case rates that are competitive in your market and we'll handle the rest.

How do patients find my practice on Save On Medical?

They would be directed to your profile from an advertisement on Google when they search for something like “affordable MRI in CITY,” “best MRI scan CITY” etc. They could have been referred to Save On Medical from a friend or keyword search. Once on the website, patients search for the procedure they need and the zip code they live in and they will be provided a list of the top diagnostic imaging facilities in the area, where they would have selected yours as the very best, with the help of the Docometer Grading Scale.

How does Save On Medical make money?

Save On Medical provides all marketing, care coordination and collection on each procedure booked through our site. If a patient is booked at your location, we will collect a fee for these services. We take a small percentage of the price you list for the procedure.

How do you get the Docometer Grading Score?

The grade encompasses things like awards, accreditations, level of technology, patient reviews, convenience etc. The information is gathered through an interview process with your practice’s Save On Medical representative, a questionnaire and additional research performed by Save On Medical’s team. The score is impossible to manipulate in order to deliver patients with unbiased and honest metrics.

How do I get paid by Save On Medical?

Save On Medical does all the collections for patients making a request through our platform. Providers are paid within 24-hours of the patient's appointment. Please refer to your Save On Medical contract or affiliate contract for more details.

How does care coordination work?

Save On Medical will contact the patient to verify that the patient making the request needs the procedure. We will collect the patient's order for the procedure and then will explain that they'll be responsible for paying for the procedure before the time of service. Upon completing those steps, we will conference in the patient and a member of your scheduling staff to get the appointment finalized and confirmed.

Why is my practice on here without a membership?

Save On Medical has developed a network of providers across the country. In some instances, we have relationships with other parties who have contracted with providers like you, for these services. Please contact us and we'll share with you how we received your information and pricing: [email protected]

Why should I send my patients to Save On Medical?

It is twice as hard to collect money from a patient as it is to collect from a commercial insurer, which results in almost 70% of self-pay payments going uncollected. Save On Medical ensures 100% payment from your patients, limiting the cost and loss of patient responsibility significantly. Our team also helps verify your patients before scheduling, saving your scheduling team time.

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