Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions and answers.

What if there are no providers in my region?

If Save On Medical does not have an providers in your region yet, your search returns will not include pricing. When you click on the providers, it will take you to where their profile listing would be and give you the option to request that the provider be added to the site. A Save On Medical health care marketing representative will then reach out to that provider and let them know they have patients requesting their services on the website.

We want to improve price transparency and quality transparency in your region, so please help us do this by requesting providers in your area to join. To speed up the process, you can call the Save On Medical client services line and our operator will assist you in finding an affordable, quality and convenient provider in your area. Simply call us at 888-372-5438.

Why am I getting an error message when I try to search for my location?

You are probably receiving this error message because you are not typing in your zip code or city, state and selecting it from the drop down menu. If you type quickly, the drop down menu won't have time to pop up so you might miss this step and receive the error message. As long as you select your location from the drop down menu, you will get a search return with all of the closest facilities!

Do I have to pay online?

Nope. Some providers allow the patient to pay at time of service. However, almost all providers allow a significant saving if paid for through our secure payment portal.

Where do we get our average price?

We have a proprietary algorithm that is an aggregate of:
o   Published research and reports on healthcare transparency
o   Pricing-focused consumer research websites
o   Independent Research by Save On Medical team
o   Data from Members on our site

We collect all this information and take an average to get a clear look at the self-pay price in any specific region.

How do medical practices, hospitals and clinics price services?

 Most medical facilities and hospitals have a list price that they charge. Then, insurance companies contract a reduction off of that list price for their cost. It is important to know that list prices are usually very high and Medicare and other government organizations have a specific schedule of prices they will pay a medical facility.   Unfortunately, if patients don’t ask for a discount on the list price, they will end up paying the higher cost, missing out on the discount.

How does Save On Medical help me?

Save On Medical’s team has had over 20 years of experience pricing, providing, and collecting medical payments, so we understand that list prices can be discounted through connections with providers.  Our background in physician integration and physician outreach helps us ensure the best prices around, for you. The web site allows the patient to price shop and purchase services at those discounted prices, in an arena where they understand what they are paying for!

What is pricing transparency?

Pricing Transparency means that a patient is provided with all available information about medical services and procedures so that they can view the real breakdown of prices so that they know what they are really paying for, which enables for more competitive pricing, and better deals for you!

So how does SOM really work?

Save On Medical surveys in each geographic location to collect an average.  By displaying these prices for all to see (even other medical competitors) Save On Medical allows medical practices and facilities to offer competitive prices. 

Think about your local electronics shop.  If two competitors sell the same TV but don’t show you the price, they can demand any reasonable amount.  But if those same competitors put a price on their services, then you can compare, leading them to end up dropping prices to get your business.

How does SOM help Physicians?

The medical industry knows that patients are paying more out of their pockets towards healthcare, so physicians know that this price sensitive market is a good place for them to be focusing their energy in. Save On Medical gives the providers a venue to share their prices while also promoting their services.

Also, when their operating rooms, equipment, or lobbies are empty, medical facilities are more willing to discount their services; we have basic supply and demand principles in effect. Save On Medical also provides patients an opportunity to pay for services up front, which saves practices the cost of collecting fees and a lot of headaches, too.

Is paying online safe?

Yes, our site uses PayPal™ to ensure privacy and safety with all online payments. It provides purchase guarantees, identity theft protection, and lowest price guarantees.

In addition, patients are given an extra discount to purchase online.  Save On Medical receives no portion of payments and does not charge patients to use the service.  So, Save on Medical saves patients money and worry!

Why the focus on Radiology?

Research shows that the #1 price shopped medical procedure is diagnostic imaging, which includes MRI, CT, PET, DEXA, X-ray and Ultrasound.

We had to begin somewhere and also we wanted to have an exhaustive base of providers. For example, you wouldn’t go to Expedia to shop for just Taxis but you do go to explore the high costs of airlines or hotels. In the future look for other top price shopped medical procedures. We know, we know. We can't wait either.

Are all providers the same?

No.  As with anything in life, the cheapest is not always the best.  Fortunately, Save On Medical allows patients to shop for quality and service by use of the Docometer™ Grading Scale.  The Docometer helps patients weigh price vs. benefits and allows patients to determine which aspects of care is of most importance to them.

How can I speak directly with SOM?

You can call us anytime between 9-5 EST @ (866) 840-6947 For Patient Support: ext. 1 For Tech Support: ext. 2 to join our Provider Network: ext. 3 For Accounting Department: ext. 3 To speak with the operator of find a radiologist in your area: ext. 0

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