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Easily search for the medical procedure you need by selecting it from the dropdown menu, type in your location and click Search.

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Compare providers in your area based on cost, quality and convenience. Then, patients can pick the provider that is best for them.

Save Money

Lock in the Save On Medial discounted rate by requesting your appointment and paying for your procedure online before your appointment.

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Find the right medical provider

Compare providers based on what is most important to you.


The Docometer score is based on a 1-100 scale. We grade providers based on awards, physicians, same day appointments, sub-specialization, convenience and more.


All of the providers on our website are ACR Accredited! This means they have been given the gold stamp of approval for their excellence in radiology services.

User Ratings

Patients are invited to provide feedback on their experiences after their appointment is completed. We take all user ratings into consideration and valid reviews are reflected in quality scores.

Lock in the best price.

Lock in the best price for your procedure.

Book your appointment online.

Now you don’t have to call around to multiple medical centers looking for price and appointment information. All you have to do is request your appointment online and we will call you!

Pay online

Don’t worry about increased prices or additional medical bills in the mail down the road. When you pay for your procedure online with Save On Medical, you pay in full with less stress.

Manage your appointment

Coordinate with the provider using our easy system.

Communicate in real time

Easily message your provider from the patient dashboard. If you have any questions or concerns, you can simply send them a message and they can respond immediately.

Schedule your appointment

You’ll never forget about your appointment again! Not sure what time your procedure was set? Just login to your account and the Appointments tab will have all the answers.

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