Open MRI of Pueblo LLC

Open MRI of Pueblo LLC

1425 B West US HWY 50 Pueblo, CO 81008
Docometer TM86

About The Facility

In the Denver area, there is no better place to go other than Open MRI of Pueblo for imaging services. Our independent, physician owned facility provides the combination of accurate diagnosis and comfort for our patients. Our Board Certified Radiologists and highly trained technologists are caring when getting patients through the imaging process. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows for easy-read results for our physicians to help them establish quick and accurate conclusions. Open MRI of Pueblo is committed to providing the best value of care to all patients. Select your procedure to see what prices Open MRI of Pueblo offers.


$480.00Abdominal MRI
$480.00Ankle MRI
$480.00Arm MRI
$480.00Brain MRI
$480.00Breast MRI
$480.00Chest MRI
$480.00Foot MRI
$480.00Hip MRI
$480.00Knee MRI
$480.00Leg MRI
$480.00MRI Angiography
$480.00Neck MRI
$480.00Pelvis MRI
$480.00Shoulder MRI
$480.00Spine MRI (one level)
$480.00Thoracic Spine MRI
$480.00Wrist MRI