Partners Imaging Center of Sarasota

Partners Imaging Center of Sarasota

1250 South Tamiami Trail Suite 103 Sarasota, FL 34239
Docometer TM93

About The Facility

Partners Imaging Centers consists of six centers located on the West coast of Florida. It is a medical practice of highly experienced subspecialist radiologists using state of the art imaging equipment to produce superior images and accurate reports. Our goal is to achieve a proper diagnosis for our patients and referring physicians.

Often, a patient has one chance to arrive at a proper diagnosis through medical imaging. If the diagnosis is not made, is wrong, or if other important findings are not mentioned in the report, it can lead to improper or inadequate treatment. At Partners Imaging Centers, our radiologists are trained and experienced in a subspecialty body system that ensures that the patient gets the best possible chance for a complete and accurate diagnosis.

At Partners Imaging Centers, we have the most up to date, advanced scanning equipment to provide optimal diagnostic images and have the knowledge of how to use the equipment. Partners Imaging Centers are ACR Accredited.

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ACR is the American College of Radiology. They evaluate Imaging Centers in the United States based on a number of quality standards. This is the highest standard available for radiology providers and is a good way for patients to find the best radiology centers in the United States.


$320.00Abdomen CT
$320.00Abdomen and Pelvis CT
$320.00Brain CT
$420.00CT Angiography
$320.00Cervical Spine CT
$320.00Chest CT
$320.00Face And Jaw CT
$320.00Knee CT
$320.00Lumbar Spine CT
$320.00Pelvic CT
$320.00Sinus CT
$445.00Abdominal MRI
$445.00Ankle MRI
$445.00Arm MRI
$445.00Brain MRI
$445.00Chest MRI
$445.00Foot MRI
$445.00Hip MRI
$445.00Knee MRI
$445.00Leg MRI
$545.00MRI Angiography
$445.00Neck MRI
$445.00Pelvis MRI
$445.00Shoulder MRI
$445.00Spine MRI (one level)
$445.00Thoracic Spine MRI
$445.00Wrist MRI