Save On Medical is the new way to shop for healthcare online.

Find great deals on medical procedures, pay for appointments online.

Save On Medical is an online marketplace where patients can shop online for medical procedures using price transparency to help them make informed care decisions based on cost, quality or convenience — similar to the way Expedia does for travel.

Providers list their self-pay prices on the website and can update their pricing on the fly, communicate directly with patients and even collect patient feedback. Just like airlines and hotels that sell empty seats or rooms at discounted prices, providers are able to offer discounted rates for empty appointment slots.

It’s win for patients because they get a deal and it’s a win for providers too because they can secure payment from the patient before their appointment even occurs.

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Your information and communication is always protected. We are dedicated to an unparalleled patient experience.

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Patients don't have to worry about getting more bills in the mail down the road, you pay it all upfront.

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